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imagine sedona
I was referred to Tara in the midst of a major technical misadventure caused by a national internet company.  Everything thing I knew to do to get my website back online failed after 2 weeks of turmoil.
Tara, however, quickly assessed my situation, called the company and within 30 minutes I had answers to my questions and was back on line within 2 days.  Unlike me, Tara knew the proper departments to speak to within the company and also, unlike me, she did so in an astonishingly diplomatic and professional manner.
Tara gets results and solves problems. We have worked together for several years and she is always responsive.  In addition, Tara helped me design and build my website, using the most up-to-date technology and security systems.  Her guidance led to a website that is beautiful and easy to use.
Sherry Marie Bell, Ph.D.